How one start-up caused a 4% drop in biotech stocks in a single day.

Lost in the recent Volkswagen mayhem is the carnage in Biotech based holdings. The iShares NASDAQ biotech index is down about 5% in the last week or so- much of it in a single day. Even crazier is the reason behind this precipitous fall. A little known anti-parasitic drug called Daraprim is used to treat very rare […]

The (tragically) curious case of statins – the miracle drug

Everybody wins with Statins. Hello. Pleasant day to you. Statistically, you will most likely die from heart disease. Sorry to be blunt, but cardio-vascular illness is the number one cause of worldwide deaths by far (way higher than all forms of cancer COMBINED). The bleak statistics on the devastation can be found here. But, hey! […]