Crystallization in API manufacturing (Video)

Crystallization finds vast application in the synthesis and manufacturing of drug products such as API. Here’s an easy video to understand the principles of Crystallization in solutions, and the solubility curve. This video is part of CRAMbridge interactive module on crystallization. For a high definition version, authorized for commercial use, contact

Fire diamonds and workplace safety

The NFPA “fire diamond” is a recognized tool to help keep safety in labs. This Crambridge micro nugget introduces the fire diamond in easy-to-understand terms. Short videos such as this is great for playing in a loop at public displays in high trafficked ares  – like lobbies and cafeterias. Contact for a version of […]

Training for compliance vs. Training to think

While you read this article, about 60 deviations will be logged within global GMP environments*. Half of them would have been caused by “human error”. Most of these will end with “retraining” as one of the corrective actions. How to deal with deviations caused by human error: Option 1) Classroom Training: with a trainer using a […]

MicroNuggets: efficient counterbalance to long, drawn-out, learning modules

What are learning MicroNuggets? Learning modules frequently try to do too much. They end up being long-winded and laborious, and run the risk of muddying the gist of what is communicated. Long winded coursework is not the most exciting way to welcome new hires, or to refresh the memories of existing team members. How do […]

Why do so many Indian startups seem to be founded by North Indian dudes?

Something jumped out at me in Yourstory magazine’s list of top 100 Indian startups and their founders. There seemed to be more Agarwals, Bansals, and Chadhas on there than in my high school class in Chandigarh. Were north Indians really more likely to start-up than their brothers and sisters down south? Why was the south – in […]

Quality training as the anti-Jugaad

Is India really running pharma and biotech sweatshops? India is the market leader in high quality generic medicine. The drugs that people from Africa to the Americas to Japan rely on to relieve ailment. But you probably haven’t heard of India’s market dominance. Instead, what you’ve likely heard of is quality lapses, squalid facilities, and […]

Lessons learnt from income tax and central excise audits

An unexpected notice on income tax and central excise audits The partnership firm that I run with my husband has been scrutinized by the Income Tax and Central Excise departments in the last couple of years. Our firm provides consulting services in engineering and biotechnology to a plethora of clients – many of them international. […]

A cure for cancer. Or a mega-yacht…Hmm

You will hear a lot of exciting catch-phrases about biomedical research and drug discovery for cancer in the news in the next few days. President Obama is about to sign a “sweeping”, “breakthrough” “revolutionary” bill with the fancy name – “21st century cures”. It has money for increased medical research, addiction and mental health treatment, […]