The hype vs reality of VR enabled learning in pharma and biotech

Pandemic induced workplace disruptions have been keenly felt in employee training across pharmaceutical and biotech enterprises. Starting in March 2020 as traditional, instructor-led (or classroom type) training became infeasible, most pharma enterprises have vastly scaled up their eLearning infrastructure and content libraries. Along with its many advantages – from universal access through smartphones to affordability, […]

A leading voice in biopharma quality joins CRAMbridge.

Swapnil Ballal, a quality and processes leader in India’s pharma and biopharma sectors has joined CRAMbridge as partner, effective March 2019. As the head of biopharma quality assurance and manufacturing, Swapnil Ballal has left a mark in quality teams, processes, and culture at India‚Äôs largest enterprises such as Biocon, Intas, and most recently, at Dr […]