Short eLearning videos are an easy way to bring about behavioral changes that matter.

In a world where connected smartphones are in every hand, one-minute videos are great learning tool to enhance learning. Quickly catch up on a concept on your way to the gym, or play them on a loop at high traffic areas like office lobbies and cafeterias. Here are some examples;


Crystallization finds vast application in the synthesis and manufacturing of drug products such as API. Here’s an easy video to understand the principles of Crystallization in solutions, and the solubility curve.

Air Handling System for Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are important parts of facilities that make sensitive products – like drugs and IC chips. This video explains how the temperature, humidity and indoor air quality is maintained in a cleanroom using an air handling system.


Good Warehousing Practices (GWP)

This nugget is from our eLearning module on Good Warehousing Practices (GWP). It looks at how to keep the warehouse safe and efficient, while improving your bottom line. There is special emphasis on challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry, including handling of controlled substances, expired stock, tax implications of sales within and outside the organization.


ALCOA+ - An easy abbreviation for data integrity

ALCOA+ is the gold standard for compliant data and records in cGMP environments. This video explains ALCOA and ALCOA+ in simple terms as per the expectations of US FDA, WHO and EU-GMP regulations.

Fire diamonds and workplace safety

The NFPA “fire diamond” helps keep safety in labs. This CRAMbridge MicroNugget introduces the fire diamond in easy-to-understand terms.

5 tips for good documentation in GMP and GLP environments

Here are 5 easy tips for good documentation and for data integrity. This MicroNugget is great for playing in a loop at public displays at cafeterias, lobbies, etc.

Corrective and Preventive actions

This learning nugget explains Corrective and Preventive actions (CAPA) which are often confused.

Coronavirus disease - How infectious and how fatal

COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus is all over the news. But how infectious is it? And how fatal if you were to catch it?

COVID Preparedness - Getting back to work.

This CRAMbridge MicroNugget lays out some effective do’s and dont’s as employees get back to the workplace.