The hype vs reality of VR enabled learning in pharma and biotech

Pandemic induced workplace disruptions have been keenly felt in employee training across pharmaceutical and biotech enterprises. Starting in March 2020 as traditional, instructor-led (or classroom type) training became infeasible, most pharma enterprises have vastly scaled up their eLearning infrastructure and content libraries. Along with its many advantages – from universal access through smartphones to affordability, […]

Crystallization in API manufacturing (Video)

Crystallization finds vast application in the synthesis and manufacturing of drug products such as API. Here’s an easy video to understand the principles of Crystallization in solutions, and the solubility curve. This video is part of CRAMbridge interactive module on crystallization. For a high definition version, authorized for commercial use, contact

On the potential impact of linguistic nuances in regulatory interactions

The event A three-day pharmaceutical manufacturing conference hosted by ISPE in Mumbai in October 2018. The highlight of the event was the presence of senior members of the US FDA who presented current trends, their experiences auditing in India and other international locations, and their expectations from Indian companies w.r.t. quality of drugs. The most […]

Eliminating offline TOC and conductivity for WFI

I have come across several organizations who have state of the art Water for injection (WFI) generation and distribution plants with on-line conductivity and TOC measurement but continue to rely on off-line measurement and testing in QC labs. It is often a big challenge to convince users, system owners, and the testing team to fully […]

A leading voice in biopharma quality joins CRAMbridge.

Swapnil Ballal, a quality and processes leader in India’s pharma and biopharma sectors has joined CRAMbridge as partner, effective March 2019. As the head of biopharma quality assurance and manufacturing, Swapnil Ballal has left a mark in quality teams, processes, and culture at India’s largest enterprises such as Biocon, Intas, and most recently, at Dr […]

Fire diamonds and workplace safety

The NFPA “fire diamond” is a recognized tool to help keep safety in labs. This Crambridge micro nugget introduces the fire diamond in easy-to-understand terms. Short videos such as this is great for playing in a loop at public displays in high trafficked ares  – like lobbies and cafeterias. Contact for a version of […]

Training for compliance vs. Training to think

While you read this article, about 60 deviations will be logged within global GMP environments*. Half of them would have been caused by “human error”. Most of these will end with “retraining” as one of the corrective actions. How to deal with deviations caused by human error: Option 1) Classroom Training: with a trainer using a […]

MicroNuggets: efficient counterbalance to long, drawn-out, learning modules

What are learning MicroNuggets? Learning modules frequently try to do too much. They end up being long-winded and laborious, and run the risk of muddying the gist of what is communicated. Long winded coursework is not the most exciting way to welcome new hires, or to refresh the memories of existing team members. How do […]