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Here’s a full list of our current offerings (Updated Oct 2018)

Module no.Module nameCategory
CB001Good documentation practicesGMP all
CB002Biosimilarity 101R&D
CB003Data recording and data IntegrityGMP all
CB004Personnel qualification and training in GxP environmentGMP all
CB005Guide to stability testing of biologicsQuality Control
CB006OOS: regulatory expectations and practiceQuality Assurance
CB007Equipment qualification and life cycle managementEngineering
CB008pH measurement and controlsQuality Control
CB009Good clinical practice (GCP)GMP all
CB010Good laboratory practice (GLP)GMP all
CB011Melting point determinationAnalytical testing
CB012Aseptic processing and clean roomsAnalytical testing
CB013Disintegration testingAnalytical testing
CB014Dissolution testingAnalytical testing
CB015Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopyAnalytical testing
CB016Halogen moisture analysis (HMA)Analytical testing
CB017Atomic absorption spectrometryAnalytical testing
CB018Thermal analysis by DSCAnalytical testing
CB019Particle size analysisAnalytical testing
CB020Potentiometric titrationsAnalytical testing
CB021X-ray diffractionAnalytical testing
CB022Gas chromatographyAnalytical testing
CB023Chromatographic Analysis TLC/HPLCAnalytical testing
CB024UV spectroscopyAnalytical testing
CB025Sample preparation IQuality Control
CB026Sample preparation IIQuality Control
CB027Refractive indexAnalytical testing
CB028Colarimetry and specific optical rotation (SOR)Analytical testing
CB029Fundamental GMPGMP all
CB030Equipment logbooks and recordingGMP all
CB03110 golden rules of GMPGMP all
CB032GMP regulations and guidelinesGMP all
CB033Cleanrooms and facility design basicsManufacturing
CB034LHF and Biosafety hoodsManufacturing
CB035Visual inspection and packingManufacturing
CB036Sterile dosage formsManufacturing
CB037Non sterile dosage formsManufacturing
CB038Housekeeping & HygeineManufacturing
CB039Gowning for sterile and non sterile areaManufacturing
CB040Weighing and calibrationQuality Control
CB041Pipetting and dilutionQuality Control
CB042Stability studies of DrugsQuality Control
CB043Environmental monitoringQuality Control
CB044Safety in laboratoryQuality Control
CB045Sampling of raw material and packing materialQuality Control
CB046Pharmacopeias and pharmacopeial methodsQuality Control
CB047Analyst qualificationQuality Control
CB048Change ControlQuality Assurance
CB049Deviation management & CAPAQuality Assurance
CB050Self-inspectionsQuality Assurance
CB051Facing auditsQuality Assurance
CB052Complaints and recallQuality Assurance
CB053APQRQuality Assurance
CB054Computer system validation basicsQuality Assurance
CB055Water for pharmaceutical useEngineering
CB056Qualification of controlled temp equipmentEngineering
CB058Complaints and recallManagement  & others 
CB059Management reviewManagement  & others 
CB060Good distribution practicesManagement  & others 
CB061Good warehouse practicesManagement  & others 


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And here are snippets of our most popular courses:


Good documentation practices

Poor documentation lead to quality lapses and audit failures. Having a company-wide policy for documentation and training new and existing employees is crucial in pharma and biotech. This course investigates some of the common mistakes made in documentation and discusses the high cost of making corrections retroactively.
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Biosimilarity 101

Bioharma companies are experiencing rapid growth in India, driven by research and manufacturing of biosimilars. But employee orientation on the technical aspects of biosimilarity has not kept pace. This module covers the essential aspects of biosimilarity, and is required coursework for R&D, QC, QA and manufacturing teams in biopharma.
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Personnel qualification and training in GXP environment

Getting GMP/GDP certification is the key to getting your facilities qualified by regulatory agencies (like FDA). Training in GxP environments involves meeting exhaustive procedural and qualification criteria, which is covered in this module.
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Guide to stability testing of biologics

Working with biomolecules such as biosimilars require a deep understanding of their inherently unstable nature. This module introduces product stability, and gets into stability studies, quantification, regulations, and assessment. Course includes quizzes.
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OOS – regulatory expectations and practice

Even the best labs and teams will encounter products and events that are out of specification (OOS). Having a coherent strategy to analyze, back-check and correct these events are critical to a GMP environment. This module covers OOS investigations, their classification and best practices.
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Equipment qualification & life cycle management

Good maintenance of experimental and manufacturing equipment are essential to controlling capex and operations costs. This module covers the regulations and guidelines around equipment management, and goes into qualifications, commissioning, audits, and validation of crucial equipment. This is essential coursework for quality and manufacturing teams. Course includes quizzes.
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Good clinical practice (GCP)

This module covers the essence of clinical testing. It covers the outline of drug development and ICH guidelines on GCP, including clinical trial phases, rules and responsibilities. Course includes quizzes.
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Good laboratory practice (GLP)

This course covers the what, why and who of GLP, and how this ties into regulatory requirements. It gets into the historical timeline of GLP, including objectives, components, responsibilities, facilities, apparatus and materials.
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Aseptic processing and cleanroom behaviour

This module covers the basics of key quality control aspects in experimental set-ups. Aseptic processing and cleanroom behaviour. Course includes quizzes.
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